xxelainaxx (xxelainaxx) wrote,

Oh wow.
I am an awful person. Terrible.
I wish I had never done that.
I cannot believe I actually did that.
I'm so stupid.
I made a fucking fool out of myself.
What the hell is wrong with me???
I didn't know what to say.
I didn't want to dissappoint him.
Am I really that eager to please someone?
The answer...
Is yes.
I am a terrible person.
Imsofuckingstupidddddd. Why??
I'm so so so soooo
Disgusted with myself.
I need to learn how to keep my mouth shut.
I get myself into so much trouble.
So fucking much.
I hate myself so much right now.


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    I miss writing on here. *sigh* Go away journal stalkers!

  • (no subject)

    I truely hope you are happy now. That is all. Have a nice day, dear.

  • I'm done.

    I'm done. Leave me alone. I give up. You win.

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