February 16th, 2009

About Me... I guess.

I am Elaina.
I am fourteen, or so it says.
I am single.
I am unidecided on my sexual orientation.
I love unicorns.
It isn't very hard to make me laugh.
I don't think high of myself.
i hate idiotic people.
i love Scotty Vanity.
I am a supporter of Love, in any version.
I hate Valentine's Day.
I can get depressed easily.
I love neon colors.
Purple and Black still though have my heart.

Eyes Like A Bug, But Souls Like A Demon.

Here is something my friend, Chris or ChrisChaossx posted for me

Well, Ms. Bug, the ridicule you have dreaded for so long has finally come to you.


Well, lets start at the beginning? Well, to fast the start up, we dated you thought I was gay, and I am! How smart you must feel. But, your still a bitch. I have won this battle, you have lost the war.

Well, you befriended my best friend, Elaina, and well, I was happy she had someone she could talk to and tell everything to, and such, correct? Well, now you have sadly mistaken me. You have shown me to be a fool. You started wearing black and started losing more and more of your friends, I knew this would happen. I doubt you will gain everyone back, surely not us.


You wore black, and then began "cutting" because your life was to horrible. That's what you told us, right Scarlet? Well, my friend helps you, out of the kindness she has. You two form a bond, a bond which became a very tight friendship. I didn't want myself to have any negative thoughts about this, so I clouded them with the good.

You proved me wrong. You became a bitch in more ways then one. You say she wanted attention? She is suicidal? She is a drama queen?

Lets point how you are all of these.

You show everyone your scars, and let them feel them up? Does it feel nice to be noticed?

You are suicidal, the scars say it all. Didn't my friend keep you alive once?

You have switch between stereotypes so many times, is it all just to see what you truly are. Was it truly your parents who forced you to go prep? Or was that one of the lies you fog our brain with? I think it was a lie.

Well, now we know the truth, and we will shove it in front of you. Lets watch as you fall from you fantasy that you're in heaven, cause we're gonna give you hell.


-Your biggest fan.

Chris and Elaina.

From Elaina;;

Haha bitch.

The Narcissistic Whore

   Once upon a time there was a girl. Shall we call her...Scarlet? We shall. Now Scarlet had everything most girls could ever want, but she just wasnt happy with her life. So one day she decided she was going to start wearing black instead of her normal preppy gear, assuming that would get her the attention she craved. Claiming that the only reason why she ever dressed preppy in the first place was to make her parents happy. Well, her assumptions proving to be true, she figured that if she started cutting herself, it would bring even more attention to her. And thats what she did. And I, the dumbass that I am, believed every word she said. I trusted her and tried to help her with her "problems". Untill one day she had the nerve to ask me if i was acting depressed for the attention. Well needless to say I was offended. So i told her how i felt. And what was her reaction? "your just jellous of me. I'm done with you." It was then I started to see her for who she really was for the first time. A self centered, narcissistic little hoe. How could I not have realized this? 

  The real scarlet thinks everyone is in love with her. She constantly takes pictures of herself. And what is her wallpaper on her cell phone? Oh, yes. A picture of herself. And she just thought it would be so cute to wake me up at 6a.m. to prank call me and leave a stupidass vocemail. The real scarlet lets everyone touch her scars. It feels good to have the attention you always wanted, doesnt it? Well Scarlet, now what is left for you to try? Will you attempt suicide? Is that whats next? If you think that will get you what you want, sweetheart you are sadly mistaken. But go on and weave more lies. Its okay, I know you will get tangled up in them sooner or later.