February 27th, 2009

When All Gets Tough, Call Your Mommy.

    To this;; Bug. Or her Alias known as Scarlette, Crimson, Slut, Bug, or Rain. Oh I forgot Willow. But none of these will mask the true Katie DeBoard. Or Katie DaBitch. Either fit. This young girl can't even stand her parts in a fight. I text this hoe, asking, why must she be such a NARCASSISTIC WHORE! But, alas, what do I get back? A note of... I'm Sorry? Or, Whatever;; Bitch.? No. I get back. From her MOMMY DEAREST;; You should be slapped for that language, leave her alone or you will be in trouble with your parents missy. xD

God, what I dumb bitch.
Should I be scared of her?
nah bitch. Die.