March 1st, 2009

someone has my heart, they just arent using it

my love for you is one without an explanation
you give me every reason not to
but yet i still do
i know you feel far from love for me
i know
it hurts like hell
you would think i would save myself some hurt
and try and get over you
and its not like i havent tried to
but you stlill haunt my thoughts
and my heart
you dont know i love you
because i dont want you to
but yet i do
and i know you will never love me
it seems as though i still have hope
but i dont
hope is like percieving light
when all you can see is darkness
i need you even though you dont need me
it comforts me when i know your there
it just isnt fair
i wish i never met you
maybe then i wouldnt love you
bruised black and blue my heart still belongs to you