March 10th, 2009

what is this thing called "love" ?

  i wonder what it is. what everyone talks about so much, it seems...but i have no idea.they say its so amazing. like nothing you could ever imagine. i wish i could. because i have never even came close. and i wonder sometimes, if its truely real. or maybe its something everyone just makes up. maybe they dont do it intentionally. maybe they think they expirience it. but i dont exactly feel as though something they claim to be so wonderful, could possibly be real. they are merely just words to me. but it hurts me deeply to know that everyone else seems to be so in love. even if i dont believe in such nonsense, i feel incredibly left out and...unknowing. though everyone seems so happy and care free in love, i know its only the calm before the storm. nothing lasts forever. not even "love" but lucky for me, if no one has my heart, i am the only one who can do it harm. and if there is such thing, i have yet to find it.
where ever you may be, i intend on keeping my distance from you...
for you seem to have caused more damage than not.

       i mean, look at romeo and julliette. love starts innocent enough, and ends with a broken heart...maybe two.