March 21st, 2009

I am sorry.

I am sorry.
To very many people...

To chris...

I know I have maniac mood swings. I am sorry. And I know you try to make me happy. I am sorry I am not always as happy as you would like. I am sorry I overreact about the smallest things. I know I do. I am sorry I complain and whine too much. I am sorry that I am such a bad friend. I am sorry that I am me. I am sorry I am not as fun as all of your other friends. I am sorry I can'y be like you and be so...resillient About everything. I am sorry I am so sensitive. I am sorry I can't keep my promises about certain things. I am sorry I cannot be so..Comfortable with being "bi-curious" or whatever. I am sorry I can't be more like leah and be more...Fun. I know I am a boring person and I am sorry. Sorry for everything, since everything I do anymore seems to be wrong.

To Larissa...

I am sorry. Sorry that I brought you into shit with Katie. I am sorry for any problems That I caused you. I know I must have.

To Katie Daboard...

I know I have said alot about her...And most of it is true, But I could have been nicer about it.

To Teo...

Yeah, I know I make fun of you alot and say your gay and shit and that you smell. Well you do smell, but I sure you can fix that. And I am sure you will find a very nice girlfriend...or boyfriend...I don't judge,,, And even though your friends are neardy as fuck...You still have friends that actually like you and want to be with you. Which is more than what I have. So I am sorry.

To Amanda Guyton...

I am sorry I make fun of you so much. I am nobody to call you fat, since I am a lot bigger than you. And I am sorry for calling you ugly. Because I am far more ugly than you. By far. And I am sure that you would have more friends if you would just take care of yourself a forgive me.

To everyone.

Sorry for being me.
I know I am a ain in the ass.
And that you just put up with me because you have to.
I will try and leave you alone the best I can.
I am sorry.
I truely am.
I wish I could change for you.
I wish...And I will try.



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