March 22nd, 2009

Every time...

...I read that entry, I feel so...Like shit.
You said not to take it to heart, but it is kind of hard not to. I mean, I know you wrote it before you knew what my entry was about, but still, I now know how you truely feel. And that's okay. because all of it is true. I just didn't think it bothered you so much. I am not sure why I would think it wouldn't bother you, because I know the way I am is probably the most annoying things. I know. Maniac mood swings...I will try not to or at least hide them the best I can. Maybe I shouldn't tell you everything. Maybe I should keep to myself more. I am sorry. But I will try not to get close to you so I don't bother you with the "Small tiny things" that I "want to drop dead" over. I am sorry. all the times my doctor or parents or family said I need to see a shrink, they are probably right. because I guess I am pretty messed up. But nonetheless, I do love you.
I couldn't be any more sorry if I tried.