March 31st, 2009

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About an egotistical Meanie:

Shall I caompare thee to a summer's day?
...Wait a minute....FUCK NO....Wrong sentiment...
Oh how beautiful the sunlight shines
In that tangled mess of hair
It really brings out that evil glare,
To which you give to everyone
For your too good for them you see..
So you blame your jack-ass-fulness on thee
For wanting what we can't have
Well obviously
But ah, my dear, had it not occured to you
That we never wanted it at all?

How might a conversation go between him and me...

Me: "Yo jackass! Lemme shave that ugly head of yours!"
R: "Noooooooo! My hair makes me special!"
Me: "Pshhh. Special Ed...Now commere! Ima shave you bald.
R: "Never! I'll cast a spell on you! Because I'm big, bad and WICCAN!! Ooooh what now!
Me: "Oh I'm shakin in my boots! *Shaves off hair*
R: "Nooooooooooooo! I'm melting! I'm meeeellltttinnngggggg!

Hahahaha. That was me being stupid!!!