xxelainaxx (xxelainaxx) wrote,

I would just like to say...

I am very sorry for being me.
I know I am pretty annoying..
And I complain too much.
Yeah I know.
But I do it without thinking. I dont do it intentionally.
It just kind of slips.
I promise to try my damned hardest to not be so whiny.
To not complain as much.
To not be so clingy.

To not be so fucking annoying.
To be more "happy".
To be less quiet.
To be more nice.
To try and be anything but myself.


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    I miss writing on here. *sigh* Go away journal stalkers!

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    I truely hope you are happy now. That is all. Have a nice day, dear.

  • I'm done.

    I'm done. Leave me alone. I give up. You win.

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