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How funny!
I mean, honestly, how did you come up with something so very funny?
Did you think of it all by yourself?

But seriously, your a stupid little fucker.

So, I was outside my house and this guy by the stopsign, rolled down the window and shouted:

Isn't that so fucking hilarious?
Did you hear everyone lauging their asses off?
And no.
It was stupid, immature and pointless.

I won't rant. I have done enough ranting on this subject. But come on, can't you come up with anything better to say?
It's getting old, guys.
And I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way.


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    I miss writing on here. *sigh* Go away journal stalkers!

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    I truely hope you are happy now. That is all. Have a nice day, dear.

  • I'm done.

    I'm done. Leave me alone. I give up. You win.

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